Five Benefits of Using Golf Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders are devices that greatly aid the player in his game. They are available as either sole devices, or as software that can be loaded in smartphones.

They allow the player to load the courses and ranges he wishes to play on and, when in the field, they calculate and output accurate distances between the player and all his potential targets, along with any adverse areas the player may encounter. Golf rangefinders do all this using the GPS system. They load all the necessary information on each course using satellites.

Nowadays, these golf rangefinders also come with added functions like showing the player how he can better his swing which makes it a must-have device for any golfer and his caddie.

Benefits of using a golf rangefinder

There should be no doubt about the fact that golf rangefinders have greatly benefitted all sorts of golf players in improving their game.

They are accurate

Golf rangefinders are highly accurate. They use laser beams which are safe for the eyes, invisible and have been proven to be extremely accurate time and time again. These laser beams are reflected by potential targets and can usually measure target distances that go about 500 +/- 1 yards.

Not complicated

These devices are extremely easy to learn and make use of by novice players as well as professionals. They are not complicated and the operation is about as simple is that of operating a smartphone.

Players simply have to aim the rangefinder at their designated target and they will know its exact coordinates and how to reach it optimally.

This makes their use available to all kinds of golf players and is hence a very handy tool to have.

Lower scores

Another great advantage that golf rangefinders have proven to have time and time again is that they guarantee lower scores for the player who uses them. Their usage is also allowed in all sorts of golf tournaments which is why they are not considered to give any player an unfair advantage.

Reduces dependence on guesses

Golf rangefinders can also contour any golf course available. This makes the golfers familiar to any new courses and ranges they encounter. Without the rangefinder, new courses would be nothing more than a guessing game.

Other helpful functions the rangefinder has include telling the golfer how he can make his swing better. Rangefinders also give the golfer better knowledge of the yardage. This can tell the golfer and his caddie what kind of a hit each of his clubs would help him achieve and how to tackle difficult shots.

Low maintenance

Most golf rangefinders are very long lasting. Thus, the initial price you pay for the installation of the rangefinder is quickly covered up. The initial price itself is not very high which makes it very affordable for all golf players.

Rangefinders also do not require any updates since all their course outlines come from satellites, which causes much less hassle for the players.