Top 5 Mobile Apps To Make Your Move Easier

If you are moving

Thousands of Americans move home, office, warehouse etc everyday and with an average American making 11 moves in his or her lifetime it is a colossal amount of moving that is happening across the length and breadth of the nation, annually.

The moving industry is a multibillion dollar business with many entrepreneurs in it to take a piece of this very lucrative cake.

This has left certain loopholes for crooks and fraudsters to make a quick buck at the expense of gullible people and the FMCSA are doing their utmost best to ensure a clean playing field but their job is also a very difficult one.

Some of the apps listed below gives you the bonus of checking the backgrounds of the movers and it would be prudent on your part to ensure that you study the information well prior to commissioning anyone to take your goods away.

It is imperative that you commission a professional mover to get moving help because you would not have the logistics to handle it on your own or the experience and the expertise to ensure safe delivery of your valuable belongings to the new location wherever it may be.

This does not mean in any way that you would need to take a backseat and be just a bystander whilst your goods are being taken away by unknown personnel and you would not know where it would end up as there are many bad eggs in this voluminously lucrative industry.

To avoid this predicament you would need to get involved in the hiring of long distance movers, and every other aspect of the moving process, and what better way to do it than to use your smart phone and download those versatile and sophisticated apps that would specifically let you know what progress you are making with your moving and what is happening to all those valuable goods going into those boxes.

Mobile apps have become a part and parcel of the very difficult moving process giving it a little adrenaline so that it is not as arduous as it was.

There are many very useful mobile apps that help immensely in the moving process and we have listed some of them below and hope they would help you to move easily the next time you are off to set up home in a new place.

Using your smart phone to ensure that your goods are safe and sound and on their way to your new location is important as only that would give you the peace of mind you deserve.

1) Moving Planner: (Android $0.99)

Pro Moving Planner apps come with a preprogrammed list of about 210 generic items generally found in homes and this gives you the flexibility to list up everything you need to move and ensure that they are all packed and you have a ready list with you as to what went where.

2) Suddath’s Moving Guru: (iPhone Free)

Suddath Moving Guru apps list most of the bona fide professional movers close to you and you could get all the information you would need on everyone you would want to contact, to select whom you would eventually commission your moving to.

Once you have selected a professional mover and have moved to a new location these apps would also inform your contacts that you have moved and the new location.

3) MyMove: (iPhone Free)

MyMove app allow you to calculate the weight of the packages which would facilitate easy removal and relocation. There are certain restrictions on weight that boxes would be able to hold hence this apps helps you to overcome that niggling problem.

4) Moved: (iPad Free)

By using this Moved app You could get all your stuff listed and also simultaneously obtain quotes from professional movers giving you that slight edge which would give the movers the idea that you know what you are doing and cannot be fooled into something careless.

You could prepare an inventory of all that s being packed when you are in the process which would help you when you unpack after the move.

Like moving unpacking and arranging the stuff in the new place is also one very big hassle though it may seem very much easier.

5) Moving Van: (iPhone $1.99)

Moving Van make’s your packing life much easier and whilst you are packing you can list all the items in a box and save it for future use in your mobile.

Retrieving information as to where that item is, when you need it is as easy as tapping on your mobile screen and that is one very easy way of getting something in a hurry if you need it.

Using the above apps and the many others available to you would ensure that you have a safe move and once set up in the new place on how to get about your daily chores in a new environment.