This Android phone is airplane friendly

Everyone knows you aren’t allowed to talk on your cell phone during a flight. 

Upon departure, every airline company asks passengers to turn off electric devices, especially mobile phones.

Basically, we’re talking about restricting laptops and other devices (PSP, tablets) during takeoffs and landings, with mobile phones (in non-airplane mode) remaining off during the entire flight. 

Soon, however, things may be different for those in desperate need of their personal mobile phone.

You know, the kind of people who have separation anxiety and begin jonesing if they can’t babble noisily to their annoying friends after a certain amount of time.

Yes, Aircell – which currently offers a full suite of inflight voice and data solutions – has designed an Android-powered mobile phone for in flight use.

The device features a 3.8-inch color touch screen, along with Bluetooth connectivity.

Of course, the phone isn’t targeted at the average Joe, as the rates will probably hit big numbers. Plus, most commercial airlines don’t allow passengers to talk on a cell phone, so the aircell handset may only be useful to those flying on private planes.  

[Via ZDNet]