Twitter founder Jack Dorsey makes a comeback

Jack Dorsey, the original creator of 140-character social networking site Twitter, is back in the game. Word on the street says Twitter hopes to re-hire Dorsey full time as either the CEO or something like a chief product officer.

Spotted at the water cooler, Dorsey has been making more and more frequent visits to the Twitter offices. 

Currently, Dick Costolo is acting CEO at Twitter, someone with experience monetizing companies. As Twitter moves closer to a fully monetized sites (think promoted tweets), the need for a CEO specializing in monetization becomes less important.

Back in November it was reported Dorsey was in the Twitter offices one or two days a week, something that could move into a full time position in the near future supervising product development.

Jack Dorsey invented Twitter with friend Florian Webber back in 2006 while working at Odeo. After Twitter split from Odeo in 2007, Dorsey became CEO until being pushed out by Ev Williams in 2008.

Ev Williams stepped down as Twitter CEO in 2010, at which point Dick Costolo took over. Neither Williams, or other head honcho at Twitter, Biz Stone, are very active within the business, leaving a large opening for a new powerful figurehead.

Enter Dorsey.

Dorsey is currently the CEO at Square, a person-to-person payment company. If Dorsey were to become CEO over at Twitter, he would most certainly have to hand over his current title at Square.

If the folks at Twitter choose not to go with Dorsey as CEO, perhaps Costolo will stay on or the company will be looking for a new fearless leader.

(Via Business Insider)