Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are unquestionably one of the most used places in your house. This is why bathroom remodeling can be essential to increase the value of your house. Many people consider functionality as the important aspect whereas some prefer aesthetics. The truth is that both plays and important role in remodeling your bathroom.

Since there are many ways to do so, a lot of homeowners get confused about how to carry out the remodeling process. For your ease, here are some things one must consider to ensure that your remodeled bathroom stands the test of time.


1.5 inch pipes for drains are used in residential plumbing. It is better to use larger pipes in order to avoid clogging. The cost difference in upgrading to 2 inches pipe is negligible. If your framing allows for it then consider increasing the drain in your shower.

Even if you are living in an area where temperature gets below freezing, it is crucial that your water supply lines don’t get routed through an external wall.


You want your bathroom to be lit up. A dull place doesn’t look good for a bathroom. Consider installing light fixtures throughout your ceiling to make the area look brighter. You can also install dimmer switches to make the light easier on the eyes at night. It totally depends on your preference whether you want to use aesthetic or functional lighting.

Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets are essential to increase the functionality of your bathroom. Make sure you have enough space to install medicine cabinets. This is also a great way to save space for additional framing. You can create a medicine cabinet that is not only functional to store various medical containers but also enhances the visual appeal of your overall bathroom. With so many woods and materials available in the market these days, you can alter the aesthetics according to your own personal needs.

Window in shower

This is an amazing feature to consider when remodeling your bathroom. You can choose a frosted glass panel to enhance privacy and also one that opens to get some fresh air. There can also be stone framing along the whole installation so that area becomes watertight. Also ensure its proper drainage.

Shower floors

These are another valuable addition to your remodeling plan. You must go for smaller tiles since they offer more traction and are normally used for shower floors. Larger tiles are commonly slippery since the grout lines are further apart.

When selecting different tiles, you need to find the balance of functional and aesthetic, the wrong tiles could have slippery consequences.


These were just a few of the things you should be thinking about before remodeling your bathroom and there are plenty more guides online that dive even deeper. Since bathroom is one of the most used areas, it is important to maintain it in its optimal condition. You must go over different remodeling plans that can easily be accessed on the Internet to get a better idea.