Five General Essay Writing Tips

Writing can be pretty baffling for some people. Even some of the professional reporters can get overwhelmed while writing articles, so we can imagine how difficult it can get for students. But it is just the matter of practice. Regular practice can polish your writing skills a lot.

Nevertheless, there are some general tips one can follow to form an amazing essay. Whether you are writing a narrative or descriptive essay, below are some points you must take into account while writing your essay:

Read other people’s essay

This is the pre-planning stage. You can develop better writing skills by reading books and other essays. It can help you develop your own individual writing style. Read essays on different subjects to learn distinctive techniques and ways of writing.

However it is not just about reading them. Learn to adopt a critical approach. Figure out the things you like in that essay and what points have persuaded you. Identify the techniques you have never come across before. This way you will learn a lot.

Build vocabulary and use them

A good vocabulary is essential because it is an effective medium of self-expression. It allows you to express what you exactly mean. It makes your essay clearer and more concise. Build up your vocabulary through reading books and other resources. However make sure that you just don’t use big words for the sake of using it. Using long words when a simpler word would easily set in would make your essay sound pompous. This may have an adverse impact.

Pick a side

Some may say that picking a neutral approach can also be a good adaption but picking one side makes your arguments stronger in all cases. Always decide the position you will take and then form arguments on them. That doesn’t mean you will ignore the other side. 60% of your essay should be in favor of your topic however the rest can represent the perspectives of the other side. Following this approach will help you develop your essay.

Say no to plagiarism

You must have said this to your batch-mates that can you please write my essay for me. You could always do this but it wouldn’t help you develop your own writing skills which is crucially important to any career. Given this, make sure you don’t plagiarize. You can refer to resources but copying each and everything amounts to plagiarism which can have negative consequences. Learn from them but try to develop your own ideas.

Punctuation and tone of voice

These are two very important things to take care of while writing an essay. It is crucial for you to keep the jargon easy. Don’t make it sound too sophisticated for the readers. Also make sure you use the punctuation correctly. It is important to convey the arguments effectively. Also ensure that tone of your essay compliments the primary objective of the draft. Your tone must match with the message your are supposed to convey.