There are now 300,000 apps on Apple’s App Store

Think it’s difficult navigating through all those available downloads on your iPhone? The App Store is adding 1,000 new titles every day and now totals a mind-boggling 300,000 apps.

The app overload makes it difficult for any individual one to stand out. While there are stories all the time of some small independent developer striking it rich, there are thousands more untold stories of people toiling over their surefire hit, who barely ever make a blip on the radar.

Passing the 300,000 app milestone further cements just how muddled the world of iPhone apps has become. Despite Apple’s draconian approval process, developers still see it as the biggest chance for success. That shows by how many of them are trying to get money from their products.

More than 206,000 of the apps on the iPhone store cost money, compared to just under 94,000 free apps. That’s significantly different than the Android Market, of which around half of the downloads don’t cost anything.

These numbers will only continue to rise as more and more people expect profitability from the iPhone platform, and as the installed based of the iPhone market grows as well.

Everyone wants to be that diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack. But just think about it – a thousand apps are being added every day. Standing out in the Apple App Store is more like winning the lottery these days.