Police officer sues YouTube over ‘bubbles’ cartoons

A Toronto police officer is suing YouTube for hosting video of him abusing a G20 protester for blowing bubbles.

Now nicknamed ‘Officer Bubbles’, Constable Adam Josephs sprang to fame at the summit this summer when 20-year-old protester Courtney Winkels began blowing bubbles at him.

He told her that he would arrest her for assault if a bubble so much as touched him, adding: “You want to bait the police. You get that on me or that other officer and it gets in her eyes, it’s a detergent. You’ll be going into custody.”

It’s not the priginal video that’s the target of the lawsuit, but rather a series of cartoons posted since and depicting Josephs arresting people such as Barack Obama and santa Claus.

Josephs says they’ve made him the subject of ridicule, although some might question whether he hadn’t done a pretty good job of that himself.

Josephs wants $1.2 million in damages. Heis also demanding that YouTube reveal the identity of the cartoonist, theforcebewithme, as well as that of 24 people who have commented on the site.

“This level of ridicule goes beyond what is reasonable,” Josephs’ lawyer, James Zibarras, told the Globe and Mail. “The reason we brought the lawsuit is that people have the right to protect themselves against this kind of harassment.”

The account that posted the cartoons has now been shut down, and the original video has also vanished.