The iPhone 4 Glass Busted

The iPhone 4 was released into the wild, only to find itself amidst a host of avid fans and critics. Maybe it doesn’t matter that it had problems. Maybe that’s part of the plan.

The newest iPhone has been dropped on concrete by these iPhone repair destroyers. Soon after the iPhone 4 was put in a blender and burned through some crazy set up that is only fit for YouTube. We have never done anything that bad to man, beast, or phone.

Much of the negative hysteria is often muted with the confession, “it’s a really sweet phone.” And it is a really sweet phone. This is great but it is hard to drown out the complaints about shattering iPhones. As reported the iphone 4 antenna issue arose and was dismissed by Apple as a problem all cell phones have. For $29 this problem can be avoided. That is, $29 on top of the $300 you just splurged.

Apple does have a point though. If you drop any cell phone on concrete enough it will suffer damages. When you put it in a blender, it breaks apart. When you grip a phone it can affect antenna performance. The fact is, AT&T is to blame for many of the reception problems, as much as the iPhone 4 itself.

Now reports continue to emerge about yellow screen splotches with the retina display and a faulty camera system that affects your ability to take pictures and can screw up plans to use the video chat feature called ‘FaceTime’ that Steve Jobs is always yapping about. Other reports from PC World are claiming the proximity sensor can be jumpy, making simple calls less than predictable.

Considering millions of people have received iPhone 4’s, maybe a few issue is not a catastrophe. It is not surprising, either, that the leaders in cell phone innovation create a product that is ultimately meant to break. The irony of it all though is that the product comes from Apple, a company that has long touted their Mac computers as a product that can last for years.

They have gone for style and performance over durability. They have decided that their fans can afford new iPhones from time-to-time and as a reward they get to operate the iPhone 4, the latest and greatest in technology. The truth can be debated but Apple does not care if your screen breaks, they just want you to buy another one when it does. And you will.