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3D isn’t big in Japan

3D may be all the rage in the States, but surprisingly, the evolving medium has yet to make it big in Japan.

Indeed, a recent Kakaku survey found that approximately 70 percent of Japanese consumers have little interest in purchasing a new 3D TV for their home.

The survey – which was quoted by Reuters – blamed the lack of Japanese enthusiasm for 3D on “steep” television price tags, unattractive viewing glasses and a severe lack of available content. 

“Television makers’ expectations for 3D are high but looking at the degree of interest among consumers, there is a big gap with the enthusiasm of manufacturers,” explained Kakaku spokesperson Tsuyoshi Kamada.

Nevertheless, manufacturers are continuing their efforts to promote the medium in Japan, with Sony launching a slew of 3D enabled games and Japanese cable operator J:Com offering a relatively limited selection of 3D programming.