The Intricacies Of A Data Centre: How Does It Work?

In simple terms, a data center is an invisible, efficient and secure infrastructure used for storing and processing data. It is also a shared one, which means that a hosting service has facilities that can store or provide servers to multiple clients. With many businesses either undergoing full digitalization to change their business model or others structuring their strategy around big data altogether, to provide new revenue, the growing demand for moving IT network to the cloud or using co-location services is only understandable. Familiarizing yourself with the workings of a data center are therefore essential if you want to provide your clients with cutting-edge solutions that will match the competition.

In order to do that, it might be useful looking at the building blocks that create it. London based co-location service provider, Telehouse, created an Infographic that unpacked the very materiality of a data centre to help you understand what makes the data centre ticks around the clock. Have a look at the switches, storage systems, and electrical suppliers to complete your knowledge, and get the service your business needs.