The 5 Best App Review Sites You Should Send Your New Shopping App To

There are billions of apps that are launched every day. As of 2015, there were 1.8 billion apps on google play and 1.5 billion on the apple store. A new app is created every minute.

A survey by Google-Ipsos found that 52% of awareness for apps comes from family, friends, colleagues and those around. This is hardly enough.

Make Your Presence Felt

You might have the best designed and most functional app ever created, but it may still go unnoticed. Rave reviews on the Play Store just aren’t enough anymore. You need other means of marketing your app to reach your audience.

Enter mobile app reviewing websites, which are created for the sole purpose of reviewing apps.

Favored reviews on these websites will expose you to a whole new audience, and boost your downloads. Once you are confident about your app, you can approach one of these websites and pitch your app to them.

These 5 review sites are some of the best.


This app was launched in 2008, shortly after iTunes App Store was launched.

148apps provide reviews for the best of the IOS apps out there. They rate for all the aspects of your app, like graphics, user interface, and overall performance. A five-star rating here could help you draw the right kind of attention to your app.

In addition, they keep track of what’s new, what’s selling and what prices are dropping. This is the leading website for app reviews. If you manage to get your app reviewed by them, it could do wonders for your download count.


Appadvice thoroughly researches the best apps out there, and posts reviews about them.

The reviews are detailed, and give readers the clarity they’ll need to find the apps they want. This website is also known for its interface. This site began as one person blogging about apps. Today, it has expanded into a full-fledged app discovery site.

They add new services regularly. This website has several app enthusiasts working for them to find the most useful apps out there.


Planning on releasing your app in the Apple store? Then make sure you get it reviewed by the good folks at appstorm. This website reviews apps that are most useful in the office space. For people who use the iPhone for work, appstorm reviews are counted as the most relevant.

Appstorm review the most productive apps out there—especially those that automate company processes and boost productivity. They also round them up into categorized lists, and provide users information on how to get the most out of them

With so many business and productivity apps out everyday, Appstorm filter out the ones worth using. Getting your app featured on one of those lists guarantees a bright future for your app.


This is one of the most popular app reviewing sites out there. They provide a detailed review of the app. Feedmyapp reviews are updated on a daily basis.

The best reviewed app gets featured on the front page of their website. If you think your app has the makings to be on that page, send your app to them.


This website, in addition to reviewing apps, offer the latest news and updates on them.

Moreover, they interview app developers and post the interviews on their site as well. The blog-styled site also lets users post their review, and curate a pros and cons list. In addition to that, they specify the devices each reviewed app works well on.

This is one way to find out if your app can make it in the big leagues. If you are selected for the interview, you can personally market your app on their website, and gain exposure among users.

Developing an app is but half the task; marketing it is just as important. Feedback for the app is crucial to build your brand’s reputation. Reviews and ratings will keep you on the map. You can use e-commerce websites like Shopify, which provide solutions and guidance for e commerce ventures like yours

Developers look to increase users for the success of their apps, and users go by reviews and ratings.

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. Considering that they are easier to make and use than computer apps, you can find a mobile app for everything. If you have made an app that can make a difference, send it to these review sites and ensure that the world gets to know it!.