Guide on how to stop Robocalls

A robocall is one of a plethora of phone calls that any people consider as trash or pam. Robocalls are considered as inappropriate and irrelevant, and they have been known to frustrate any people as well. Robocalls are dialed from a computer and when dialed, they deliver a specific message to the receiver.

Robocalls are often designed to create an environment where the recipient call communicates with the agency, either through a voice keypad input or by transferring the customer to a representative after a while.

Most people do their best to stop these robocalls and the most popular method of doing so is by calling a network provider. However, there are three basic reasons why there hasn’t been much effort from phone companies and network carriers as regards providing a reliable and awesome method to stop robocalls: phone companies have not done much to provide good in robocall blocking solutions to customers:

  1. Money. The first step in solving the problem of robocalls is to have a perfect understanding of the economics of robocalls. Robocallers and telemarketers will have no issues with placing robocalls, especially as they seem to be inexpensive. These people are able to make millions of illegal calls, with little to no risk really accruing to them. Unfortunately for you, there is money to be made for phone companies to be made when your hone connects to a robocall. So unless a phone company sees a competitor doing something to combat robocalls, a carrier doesn’t really have anything to gain from helping out to stop these nuisance calls. As a matter of fact, they have all the money to lose.
  2. Regulations. Telecommunications is one of the sectors of the economy that is highly regulated by the government. Players in his sector are obligated to create a fair and competitive environment, but this also retards the innovation and lowers the amount of risk that telecoms providers are willing to take by a great deal.
  3. It is not an easy problem to solve. The phone network consists of a highly cumbersome web of carriers and customers. The truth is that stopping these calls without effective collaboration is no easy step especially if the robocall is coming from an overseas carrier

So what’s the quality fix for this issue?


There are certain apps that have been able to make giant strides in advanced call blocking. With these, blocking robocalls is quite possible for your convenience, we’ll be showing you a few of them.


USPhonebook is a tool that helps you identify the person who owns a phone number within the US. The tool utilizes a free online-based directory with millions of users. You can search for caller information by conducting a quick search either by name, address or phone number


TrueCaller has a Caller-ID service that tries its best to match a caller’s name in their database or US phonebook with their phone number. Users of this app can add spammy numbers to the community-built database, and you can share contact information with others as well as look up numbers for yourself.

Mr. Number

Mr. Number allows you to assemble number lists to block calls and messages. With it, you can also decide to pick up, hang up, or send a voice mail.


With RoboKKiller, you can actually take the fight to robocallers directly. Apart from their premium spam protection, real-time caller ID, and blacklist functionality, RoboKiller also lets you use Answer Bots, funny pre-recordings, and you can even keep spam callers on the phone for long time periods.