The Future of CNC Machine Tools Industry

What are CNC machines?

The CNC machines are widely used machines and are used almost in all branches of “applied mechanics”. Until the ’80s they were only used for industrial and precision machining. Today, there are “flexible” machine tools that make it possible to produce special products on demand via numerical control based on an external computer. These machines can meet the widest range of small, medium and large series of requirements and meet the highest quality standards with unique finite products in their category. Nowadays, the CNC Machining has a lot more applications and advantages.

There is a wide range of machines, using also manual, automatic and semi-automatic modes at the high production standards. Since years ago, it was shown the digitalization into the CNC machining world as well.

Numerically controlled machines are divided into four categories: CNC machine for primary and secondary machining, CNC machine for the production of furniture and machinery specific to the sector. The range of CNC machines performs the most diverse tasks and is used in a variety of applications.

Applications and examples of CNC machines

Among the CNC machines, the most common are the CNC machining centers. In the primary processing category are the machines and tools used for transforming the wood log into sawdust, Venetian, fur and panels. Such a used CNC woodworking machine or new version ensures reliability and versatility in any process. These machines have production characteristics specific to the purpose in which they are used and are designed to guarantee maximum safety during work.

In the category of secondary machining are the machines and equipment used for plating, surface calibration and finishing, milling and contouring, as well as wood profiles and edge processing, multiple drilling machines and spray painting machines. In the category of equipment used for the production of furniture, we find all the necessary equipment before assembly, actual assembly and final packaging of the product.

Lastly, specific machines in the sector, such as vacuum cleaners and dust filters, transport and handling equipment, technological heating equipment and compressed air. The complete range of CNC machines ensures complete machining, primary machining of secondary machining and finishing of all details.

How CNC machines work

First of all, a work program (a basic principle in the operation of CNC machines), whose operations will replace the manual performance of an operator, must be achieved. The electronic equipment will perform the necessary maneuvers, with the highest precision and sequencing.

Schedule operations consist of a set of instructions in a technical language composed of symbols, letters and numbers. Programming can be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically. In general, woodworking, drilling and milling operations require manual programming. The automatic program, in turn, is used in complex machining operations on curved surfaces and more difficult to process. A program can be considered executive by using a simulator that will highlight errors without causing damage.

Brands and manufacturers of CNC machining

Find various certified models, MANDELLI, MASTERWOOD, HOLZMA, SCHELLING and CELASCHI are just a few international brands. Back in 2017, Technavio announced the top 5 vendors in the 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers Market from 2017 to 2021.

Any CNC machine must adhere to quality standards for processing. It requires a financial investment and people training. A wide range of CNC machining tools is available on the market today for the successful execution of any kind of production.

The CNC machining solutions providers could work with pieces of various sizes, diameters (for example from 5 to 350 mm) and lengths (up to 3000 mm or more). Also, the providers can process and make parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The projects could be very different and suppliers have to guarantee accuracy for all demands the project managers ask.

If interested, the auctions are available all the time and one of such is the one announced by Hilco Industrial in partnership with Machinery Network Auctions and Resell CNC.

Besides CNC Milling, CNC Turning or the well-known CNC Lathe, there are thermochemical treatments such as plasma nitriding, plasma nitrocarburizing, gas nitriding, normalizing heat treatments. Here are very well defined the processes of CNC machining.

CNC Machining Workforce

Recruiting workers into CNC machining is one of the most laborious activity and managers must be prepared to offer specific training to young workers, even for those wanting to specialise in this industry and without previous experience.

For being successful in the CNC machining businesses, managers must have a high-skilled team in order to deliver the accuracy for all projects they attract. It is no doubt each industry requires talents, professionals, but into the CNC machining, the attention to details is imperative.

The educational efforts are for both parties implied, employees and employers. With an ardent desire and work capacity plus “technical degrees such as Mechatronics and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)”, each apprentice and experienced employee can meet the demands of this industry.

In conclusion, the key concept of CNC Machining is the accuracy. Learning this, it would be the most effective understanding of the CNC machining industry.