Need a Laptop for Video Editing? Must Read This!

Are you looking to edit your videos on the go? With a laptop, you get unparalleled flexibility so whether you’re lazy enough to not get off your bed, planning a trip with your friends etc. your work will not have to suffer.

But the question is, is there a laptop strong enough to handles the rigors of video editing? Well, there are plenty and in this guide, I’ll cover some of the features you should look for in one to find the right make and model.

The Processor (CPU)

Did you know that the CPU is known as the brain of the computer? And to be able to handle those bulky videos and songs, it’s got sharp and it’s got to be smart. If you’re using software like Adobe Premiere or FCP (final cut pro) then you’d want a processor that comes with both multi-cores and hyper-threading but these will cost, you the big bucks.

If you’re looking for something on a budget, I’d say go for a laptop with a Quad Core Intel i5 processor. Similarly, even AMD CPU’s are a good choice.

Disk Space and Type

It’s obvious, you’ll need a big disk and I mean a really big one to store all those stock videos, files, renders etc. But of course, you have the choice of backing up all your data onto an external disk too if need be so you always have some additional space on hand.

A laptop with an SSD drive offers tons of benefits for high-end editing but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, an HDD should serve you well enough.


Does lag or a slow system make you want to punch through your laptop screen or beat your head against the wall? These lags usually occur due to low RAM. For software like FCP or Premiere, a laptop with 8-12 GB of RAM is ideal especially if the videos are going to be full HD videos.

For higher resolutions like 4K or 8K, you’d want to take it up a notch. But in case you do have the capacity, when it comes to RAM, the golden rule always is, the more, the better.

Graphics Card

The graphics card plays a vital role in the rendering process and that without question has to be a powerful one in order to get the job done in quick-time.

But if you are not a professional, then you can opt for the cheaper option and go for a laptop without a dedicated graphics card.

As for graphics cards, NVIDIA is hands down the most-recommended brand and their GeForce GTX 10-Series GPU is one video editors and even gamers alike would love to get their hands on.

Apart from that, even a few AMD graphics cards perform quite well like the AMD Radeon HD 7900M but if you can, there’s no doubt about which brand is the best.


Whether your playing a game, video or a graphics artist, I think we can all agree that a crystal clear display makes life a whole lot easier.

If you intend on editing 4K videos than a screen resolution that supports 4K videos is a must. But even generally have a 4K screen won’t hurt considering you are willing to pay for one (don’t tell me you don’t want to watch movies or play games on a 4K?).

But in case you can’t afford one, relax, editing 4k videos on standard full HD screen shouldn’t be a problem either.


Irrespective of what the feature, in the end, it all comes down to your budget which is often determined by your needs. Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, this in-depth guide on the best laptops for video editing by Laptop Verge is just what you need to help you find a laptop that suits both your needs and more importantly your budget (trust me, you do not want to overspend).


Well, now that you know exactly what goes into a good laptop for video editing I am sure you will have no trouble choosing one. But in case you still have any doubts, feel free to get in touch with me.