5 Benefits Of Using A Lightweight App For Leave Requests and Vacation Planning

Human resource is the lifeblood of every business. Serious business executives understand this.This explains why HR management is never trivialized. Think about the logistics of hiring and firing, of demoting and promoting, of training and retraining workers. And of course, there is the aspect of payroll planning, vacation tracking, time off and time on scheduling and other aspects of o workforce management.

“Of all the aspects of employee management, vacation tracking is the most complicated of all,” says Majid Bello PhD, HR manager of Drassa Oil Inc. “Especially when you have a large workforce. You have to track holidays for contract staff and full-time staff. Some workers might want to take time off for bereavement, maternity and paternity leave and so on. When you do the math, the figures are absolutely mind-blowing.”

Business analysts have shown that companies lose billions of dollars annually because of poor employee tracking. To forestall such financial losses, smart entrepreneurs have started using vacation-tracking software.

So what are vacation tracking and leave request management mobile apps or software?

A vacation or leave tracking software is an employee time and attendance tracking mobile or web tool that streamlines the process of monitoring personnel time off during holidays, casual leave and so on. Lightweight vacation tracking mobile app helps you plan vacations of team members via an interactive dashboard built for HR managers and team supervisors.

“Beyond boosting your company’s profit margins, using a vacation-tracking app can help you effectively manage a more organized and motivated workforce,” says Majid Bello.

The benefits of holiday trackers are innumerable. To make your job easier, we have compiled the top five most important benefits based on research, expert advice and customer reviews.

5 Reasons You Need A Software To Plan Vacation Tracking, Leave Requests, Time Offs and Day offs

1. Time Off Software Help To Maintain Decorum and Order

“Before Drassa Oil Inc. began using a vacation tracker, we often had cases where three people from the same unit went on vacation at the same time. There was a lot of chaos. Sometimes, one segment of operations shutdown because one unit was unmanned or understaffed,” says Majid Bello. “Our company lost millions of dollars due to poor holiday planning.”

The automated vacation tracker simplifies the process of directing requests to the appropriate quarters. Through emails or the dashboards, company staff can notify the HR personnel of their preferred vacation dates. This makes it easier for everyone to plan while considering the organization vacation policies.This will eliminate scenarios where everyone feels unhappy about denied leave requests.

“When we started using our lightweight vacation tracking and leave request mobile app and software, we found it easier to track Day offs and to reduce benefit costs. Operations ran more smoothly than they did in the past,” explained Majid Bello.

2. Helps HR Personnel Work More Efficiently.

Evidence has shown that manual tracking systems have many loopholes. Many employees often take time offs that never reflected in the reports. Often this isn’t due to any fault of the HR personnel. “To ensure that the Human resources department is efficiently run, invest in a reliable vacation tracking software,” says Majid Bello.

Automated leave and attendance tracking software contain dashboard visuals that make it easier and faster for HR managers to see who is in the office and who has taken the Day off and why.

3. Saves Time and Resources.

Gone at the days when everyone had to do their work at their desks. Most vacation tracking software come as mobile apps that can be installed on electronic devices. Employees can take care of PTO accruals, send requests, attend to reports and use dashboards on the go.

“As the saying goes, time is money. During meetings, managers found it easy to check their PTO balances and those of their subordinates. It was easier to approve leave requests even while commuting to or from work,” says Majid Bello.

Educate your staff and supervisors on the time saving benefits of the leave management mobile app. Not only will it simplify official tasks, but it will also help save time at work.

4. Simplifies The Generation of Accurate Time-off Reports.

Before the invention of leave management software,vacation tracking was a nightmare. “Manually tracking time offs in spreadsheets isn’t sustainable. In the past, HR personnel struggled to generate reports that were often inaccurate,” explained Gary Maximus, Assistant HR manager at Datamax. “With the holiday tracking system, we could generate several reports within seconds and all the reports were always accurate.”

When accurate time-off reports are generated, managers are able to protect and reward employees who are being overworked. Accurate reports help managers reduce unexpected absences. This will reduce stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace, it will also boost staff productivity.

5. Makes It Easier To Plan for a Fewer Staff During The Holidays

Employees know that everyone can’t be away at the same time. Not even on public holidays. Some personnel can take Christmas Day off, and report for work on New Year day. An effective vacation tracking software can make it easier for everyone on the workflow to plan, approve and/or deny leave requests.

“Holidays aren’t a good time to schedule meetings or training. It doesn’t make sense because you are understaffed and the staff on duty are likely going to be overworked anyway,” says Gary. “Some HR dashboards send warning signals when executives try to schedule meetings on holidays.”


Businesses all over the world have recorded an increase in profits from introducing reliable software dedicated to monitoring, requesting and processing vacations and time offs. These apps are assets worth investing in.But before you invest in any vacation tracking software, make sure it has excellent dashboard visuals and reporting features.

Alternatively, you can download a free lightweight mobile app for vacation tracking and leave request management. https://day-off.app/ is a reliable one. Simply register a company account and start managing leave requests by team members. It’s available in both Android and iOS versions. In customer reviews, subscribers have praised its interactive dashboard tool as well as its full calendar view for employee vacation trackers.