Tech Trends to Look for in 2020

The technological landscape looked completely different a decade ago. Now, entering a new decade, it feels as though the future is now. There has been much technological advancement over the last ten years. Some were expected, and some came out of nowhere.

Access to 4G technology, being able to book a taxi or accommodation on-the-go, and paying for services through an app are all developments we never thought possible. While some of these past trends are now the daily norm, there are developments to keep an eye on.

Here are some of the best tech trends to look out for in 2020:

AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning have various applications in the business world. It is expected that AI and machine learning will improve the scale, efficiency, and impact of businesses, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

AI and machine learning will result in automation in parts of the manufacturing process. The main aspect to be automated would be distribution, though some of the manufacturing lines could see benefits from automation. 

While this benefits the companies by saving money and improving efficiency, there needs to be considerations made for those who might be replaced by these machines.


In 2020, Bitcoin is set to grow more stable. With the integration into daily life through business, cryptocurrencies will become more trustworthy as a result of verified investors. Therefore, the value of Bitcoin will not only stabilize, but it is also expected to increase significantly.

For those people lucky enough to hold Bitcoin as a result of Bitcoin mining or early investment, it might be a good time to learn how to sell bitcoin. When that initial spike in value arrives, selling some of your Bitcoin could mean a major increase in your bank balance, showing that investments really can pay off.

Mobile and 5G

While there have been many discussions around 5G technology, it is a trend that is set to take off regardless of the naysayers. Mobile internet technology is developing rapidly, as a result of living in a more connected world.

Following this is the demand for better and faster internet. Staying connected has become one of the most important aspects of daily life, and 5G technologies will result in a larger number of connected devices than ever before.

Many big companies have already launched new products to accommodate the increasing demand for connectivity. This includes a variety of new streaming services, as well as online shopping services designed to speed up the processes currently available to consumers.

XR, AR, and VR

While virtual reality is already widely used in the gaming industry, it is expected to develop and expand. Products like extended reality (XR), artificial reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) are looking to expand into the working world.

Using these technologies, it becomes easier to train people in fields like aerospace, engineering, and medical sciences. It is also less dangerous when the experience can be provided without the need to participate in life-threatening physical training. 

Furthermore, XR, AR, and VR can be useful in industries like design and real estate, when needing to show customers your ideas, or what is available.

Growing crops

We are living in a world where vegetarianism and veganism are promoted as a means of reducing and avoiding climate change. As a result, there has been a demand for more crops and better crop management to promote sustainable food sources.

Using robotic systems to work the land, plant, and harvest will not only cut costs for farmers; it will also promote efficiency and sustainability. The technology also improves possibilities for indoor farming industries, saving water and ensuring crops are safe from harsh elements and pests.