T-Mobile confirms G2, hopes to get back in Android headlines

T-Mobile has updated an online teaser page for its next Android device to show that the first phone to run on its next-gen HSPA+ network will be called the G2.

HSPA+ is an alternative high-speed mobile network spectrum to WiMax, the technology that Sprint is currently using to power its 4G devices. T-Mobile hopes to get the network in place by early next year.

The flagship device to showcase HSPA+ how now been confirmed to be the G2, the first official successor to T-Mobile’s G1 which launched two years ago and was the very first Android phone in the world.

Unfortunately, since then T-Mobile has drastically fallen in its presence as an Android supporter. Verizon has taken the slot as top dog with its incredibly successful line of Droid phones, Sprint has captured attention with its 4G Android devices, and even AT&T, the slowest to get in the Android game, is doing well with a line of Android handsets from Samsung.

T-Mobile’s second Android phone, the Mytouch, was widely given the nickname “G2” but that was never used officially by the mobile provider. The G1 name symbolized a bold new frontier for the mobile market, and it seems the G2 will continue on with that legacy.

Like Sprint’s 4G network, T-Mobile could bring download speeds to as fast as 10 times the speed of its current 3G capacity.

Earlier today, as Infosyncworld.com discovered, the website g2.t-mobile.com provided a teaser of the upcoming G2 device but has since been replaced with the message, “This site is temporarily unavailable…”

We still don’t know what the G2 looks like or even who will be manufacturing it, but the fact that people are talking about T-Mobile with anticipation again is a good sign for the carrier.