SanDisk touts "postage stamp" SSDs

SanDisk has debuted a new category of embedded solid state drives (SSDs) that are smaller than a postage stamp.

According to SanDisk spokesperson Doron Myersdorf, the integrated SSD (iSSD) is designed for use in tablet PCs and ultra-thin notebooks.

“The SanDisk iSSD drive is the first flash SSD device to support the industry standard SATA interface in a small BGA (Ball Grid Array) package that can be soldered onto any motherboard,” said Myersdorf.

“[The package] is fast enough for use with advanced operating systems in next-generation mobile computing platforms.

“[This] should should enable OEMs to produce tablets and notebooks with an unprecedented combination of thin, lightweight form factors and fast performance.”

The iSSD – which measures 16mm x 20mm x 1.85mm and weighs less than one gram – offers 160MB/sec sequential read and 100MB/sec sequential write speeds.

The new line of SSDs are expected to be available in capacities ranging from 4 gigabytes (GB) to 64GB.