Synaptics debuts Fuse concept phone

Single-handed navigation

Synaptics has debuted a next-generation mobile phone concept known as Fuse. ??The platform integrates a number of multiple interface technologies, including capacitive sensing, haptic feedback, 3-D graphics, as well as force, grip and proximity sensing.

“Fuse’s innovative sensing technologies surrounding the entire device enable quick, intuitive, single-handed navigation,” Synaptics spokesperson Gopal Garg told TG Daily.

“For example, grip sensing achieved via force and capacitive touch sensors on the sides of the phone allows the user to execute common controls such as pan and scroll.”

Garg explained that Fuse will also incorporate 2D sensors on the back of future mobile devices.

“Fuse combines multiple sensory input and feedback technologies, such as active 3-D graphics and next-generation haptic effects,” said Garg.

“This [2D interface] offers yet another mode of effective and fun single-handed control without obstructing the display or enhanced usability.”

Fuse – which Synaptics defines as a “collaborative” concept – was developed with the help of Immersion, Texas Instruments, TheAlloy and The Astonishing Tribe.

“Synaptics’ ClearPad, NavPoint and TouchButtons features are also used in Fuse to offer unique capabilities, such as two-finger input, proximity sensing, grip sensing, text entry and high-resolution finger input,” added Garg. 

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