Zero XU electric motorcycle saddles up

It wasn’t too long ago that electric motorcycle company Zero Motorcycles overhauled its 2011 lineup, unveiling what was said to be “sweeping technical improvements.”

One little surprise was left off that list however – the new Zero XU – and it has now been revealed as the fifth model to be added to Zero’s product line.

An urban market is the focus of the Zero XU, according to Zero Motorcycles. 

The electric motorcycle will have a top speed of 51 MPH, a regular maximum range of 30 miles or so and take around two hours or so to fully recharge its lithium-ion battery pack.

This pack, interestingly enough, reportedly will be very easy to remove and swap out with a fully charged one, allowing those without easy access to electric vehicle chargers to always keep a fresh battery charged via regular home electrical outlets. 

The second pack, of course, has to be purchased separately.

Zero Motorcycles is pricing the XU at a starting figure of around $8,000.

A Federal tax credit can be applied if purchased with a second power pack, and some countries or states may offer other incentives. 

The company plans to release this electric motorcycle to the general public in mid-March.

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling