Weathering the apocalypse in green Santa Fe

Worried about extreme weather in connection with greenhouse gases and global warming? How about rising sea levels, earthquakes, tornadoes, and nuclear generators? 

If so, rest assured: you can purchase your next home (or even an entire eco-village) in safe, secure Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“As we sadly watch the events in Japan, Joplin, Missouri and the flood ravaged mid-west [sic], we see that a home less exposed to weather extremes, fault lines and industrial facilities makes sense, and Santa Fe is such a place,” said a recent press release from Natural Homes Group of Prudential Santa Fe Real Estate, touting the benefits of life in Oshara Village, “one of the most sustainable communities in the nation.” 

Corny? Likely –  but at least you can ride out the end of the world in a sustainable manner.

Featuring 100 percent water reclamation and reuse, access to public transportation, neighborhood agriculture, walkable urban design and net zero homes, the Oshara Village development is the site of 700 homes, 50 of which are currently occupied.

With one million square feet of commercial and light industrial space approved, Natural Home Group also highlights Oshara as the ideal location for a new headquarters or R&D facilityf or a company that wants “a more secure location for it’s most valuable human assets in a creative and innovative community” – i.e., so when the Zombie-pocalypse comes, your people will still be hard at work developing widgets.

* Susan DeFreitas, EarthTechling