Taurus electric glider takes to the skies

The Taurus Electro G2 is not a new electric vehicle from Ford – it is, rather, a new breed of light aircraft from Pipistrel.

The aircraft is powered by grid-fired juice, and the second generation of this two-seat self-launching glider model, now available to customers world-wide.

According to Greenlaunches, the glider makes use of Pipistrel’s emission-free 40 kilowatt electric power-train, which peaks at full capacity during take-off and continues ascending at 30 kilowatts.

A power inverter routes juice to controls and cockpit instruments and  all components are networked via CAN-bus, featuring a “proprietary multilayer protection logic” producing a true Top Gun-type throttle experience, sans gasoline.

Pipistrel says, “For the first time electric power outperforms its gasoline-powered counterpart – the Taurus.

“Taurus Electro G2 can use a shorter runway, climbs faster and is performs much better than the gasoline-powered version when it comes to high altitude operations.” 

All this made possible, apparently, by virtue of  the glider’s specially-developed, emission-free electric power-train.

Susan DeFreitas, EarthTechling