Swine flu is a pig of a disease

By the end of August 100,000 people a day will succumb to the swine flu virus in the UK, the government said today.

The government has said that there’s no longer any need to test people for swine flu because it’s still relatively mild.

A city called Birmingham in England is the hotspot for swine flu, as well as a town in Scotland and the capital city of Great Britain – that’s London.

Humid and hot weather in the UK is probably exacerbating the spread of the disease. The National Health Service doesn’t want people to panic. The disease is easily spread on transport like the London Underground and the Oxford Tube.

It will probably give the Tammiflu anti viral tabs to people under threat from underlying diseases including asthma, circulatory diseases, heart cases, and the like.

But old people don’t seem to be getting the bug as bad as young people because they were exposed to half of the pig flu virus back in 1957-1958.

General Practioners (GPs) in the UK have advised strongly against so-called “swine flu” parties, describing it as irresponsible to expose children to flu not knowing whether there is an underlying medical problem.