Solar powered refuge sets up anywhere

It wasn’t so long ago we brought you the Eagle Nest Hut – a concept design for an alpine hut that could be assembled at high altitudes and on uneven ground, powered by renewable energy.

Now, another design along those lines: the Rifugio, by Johannes Jaehrig Product Design.

Built to the dimensions of a standard ISO container (which transports easily via any modern shipping method) the Rifugio was designed for easy set up just about anywhere, providing “minimal housing” for the alpine-inclined, a rescue station at the beach or even a lookout for scientists and conservationists.

Its four legs can be adjust in height even after the structure is set up, allowing it to stand level on uneven ground.

Powered by eight self-adjusting solar panels providing an everage income of at least 1500 watts a day, the Rifugio can run its own emergency heating, lighting and smaller electronic devices, as well as an emergency call system.

Design Buzz notes that the lightweight aluminum interior allows for easy modification to suit different needs and uses of different users, and can be adjusted to provide sleeping, living and working space for up to four people.