Phuggers are like chuggers

Phugging hell – these are the words of thousands of victims of cold-calling up and down the UK, according to Veritape, the phone conversation tracking software provider.

A phugger, says Veritape, is the cold-calling equivalent of the poor ‘chugger’ sods you see standing around Oxford Street desperately trying to sign punters up to charities you’ve never heard of.

According to Veritape, low-paid workers chained to their telephones in call centres are under pressure to meet quotas put about by their bosses, often resulting in harassed punters on the other end being put out and badgered into parting with their money.

Veritape’s new tracking software wants to put the phuggers in their place, automatically detecting phrases spoken over the phone such as “I’m not interested,” “please don’t call me again,” “I feel harassed,” and “phug this, I quit.”

Charities are being offered free trials over the Christmas season as Veritape reckons cheeky little phuggers are going to be trying the phugging patience of non x-directory people across the country while they try to watch their Christmas specials.

A Google image search for “phugging” returns pictures of Mariah Carey, President Obama and The Cosby Family.