How to build off-grid, high-altitude accommodations

It’s the perfect alpine retreat for the eco-conscious – that is, if your idea of the perfect alpine retreat involves hanging, literally, off the side of a mountain. 

The Eagle Nest Hut concept by Piero Ceratti of Milan, Italy, (which comes to us via Design Buzz) does just that, via its unique design, which requires a minimum of contact with the ground.

This concept design features a core structure made up of four wooden arcs that affix to sheer rock with the help of eight steel base plates; four L shaped wooden beams are then anchored to these arcs, forming the dwelling’s secondary structure.

Pre-formed wooden insulated panels make up the inside shell, while the structure’s facade is composed of red metal.

This structure comes fitted with 80 micro turbines that harvest those fierce high altitude winds to provide power for guests, which is stored in 18 lithium ion battery packs. 

LED lights and other energy efficient appliances make the most of that energy, ensuring all the comforts of home while perched on the side of your mountain of choice.

The Eagle Nest Hut comes equipped with 10 bunk beds, a bathroom, a kitchen and a changing room, making it the perfect overnight accommodations for adventuresome groups and mountaineering expeditions.

Susan DeFreitas, EarthTechling