Gordon Murray debuts Teewave AR.1

Automobile designer Gordon Murray Design and chemical company Toray recently announced the development of a new prototype electric sports car dubbed the Teewave AR.1.

The sleek and sexy Teewave AR.1 was previously referred to as the as the T.32 model while in the design stage.

We recently covered another all-electric model from the manufacturer, a super efficient car labeled the T.27 that looks to compete with vehicles like the Mini-E, Mitsubishi i, and Smart cars in Europe, but first caught news of this new release on the Green Car Reports blog.

A two-seater electric vehicle, the company claims the entire concept-to-working-prototype process only took nine months to complete. 

Weighing just over 1,870 pounds and equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the Teewave AR.1 boasts a top speed of just approximately 91 miles per hour. And with a 16 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery, the electric car has a range of 115 miles.

In the news release, Gordon Murray specifically calls out luxury green automakers Lotus and Tesla Motors, suggesting the Teewave AR.1 is the same class of car. 

But while the new vehicle is certainly a luxury model with a stylish interior and sleek design, it’s a bit behind something like the Model S in terms of performance.

No word yet on if the eco-friendly car will arrive in America, and if it did, just how much the high-end price tag would actually run. 

Still, we’re speculating a cost of at least $70,000, if not more, given the features and branding behind the rollout.

Aaron Colter, EarthTechling