Energy efficient fridge gets all swanky

In the market for a high end, high efficiency refrigerator that will impress all your friends? 

Samsung has just the thing: its two-door refrigerator created by Massimo Zucchi, an Italian jewelry designer.

This premium appliance features LED lights on the surface of its two doors and comes complete with Samsung’s “Smart Eco-system,” which reportedly consumes less power. 

While this model only offers 20% energy savings over a conventional refrigerator – as compared to other side-by-side fridges from Samsung, which offer 30% improved efficiencies – it apparently uses 10 smart sensors inside your fridge to operate in the most energy efficient way it can, considering it comes with all sorts of special climate control capabilities.

This fridge, according to Robin Kadyan, General Manager of home appliances sales group at Samsung Gulf Electronics, is “a masterpiece that speaks the language of fashionistas, and avant-garde creativity.”

She goes on to note that it is not simply a home appliance, but an expression of Italian Design for display in one of the most lived-in spaces in the house.

This fridge comes complete with “sparkling jewels along the pink gold line of its handle” and an exterior texture based on bid printing, a new technology that melts ink directly into glass, creating a unique surface for light that “adds more elegance into your kitchen.”

In fact, Al Bawaba even goes so far as to call this “a true status symbol”–perfect, we imagine, for your flat in Abu Dhabi.