China launches hydrogen powered train

Recently, we reported on China’s new bullet train, thought to be the fastest in the world.

Now, we bring you yet another cutting-edge Chinese transport report: according to a recent release from the government-run People’s Daily Online, the country’s first fuel cell-powered light-rail locomotive is now up and running.

This new light rail system, developed by the China North Vehicle Yongji Electric Motor Corporation and Southwest Jiaotong University, makes use of an advanced permanent-magnet motor and hydrogen fuel cells, leveraged to power its synchronous motor and frequency converter (according to Inhabitat).

The Chinese government believes that the permanent-magnet synchronous motor developed for this fuel-cell locomotive could help to electrify China’s urban public transportation and alleviate traffic congestion in crowded urban areas.

It should also help point the way towards the development of more renewable energy in the country on a larger scale.

* Susan DeFreitas
, EarthTechling