Boston university developing mind-controlled robot

Telling a robot do do something? That is so early 21st century. There’s a new team of scientists working on a computer interface that could send commands to a robot simply by thinking about them.

Researchers at Northeastern University, located in Boston, are working on a computer interface that can translate signals sent from the mind via a special helmet.

The special computer program divides the screen into four quadrants. By staring at a specific quadrant long enough, the computer is able to identify that quadrant.

So the number of controls would be limited to four options. The researchers say that’s all that would be needed, for instance, for a disabled person to be able to control a wheelchair. In fact, that’s the first field test they will put the new system through.

They also claim it could help in controlling household appliances. The signal can be wirelessly sent to a small robot to perform commands, which users could monitor on a separate window on the computer screen.

It’s not exactly like Firestarter, but it’s still pretty cool.