Audi debuts A3 e-tron hybrid concept car

Audi released details of its new plug-in hybrid concept car, called the A3 e-tron, at this year’s Auto Shanghai convention. 

We’ve covered similar models of the vehicle in the past, noting its “clean diesel” technology, and again for it’s all-electric concept over year ago.

The plug-in hybrid car features a somewhat unusual manual, seven-speed transmission, and is powered by a 12 kWh lithium-ion battery system located under the back seats of the vehicle. 

Equipped with a 211 horsepower, turbocharged engine, combined with a 20 kilowatt electric motor, the car has a range of 34 miles in all-electric mode.

The A3 e-tron concept is about fourteen and a half long, six feet wide, only four and half feet tall, and weighs just under 3,800 pounds. 

Like many new concept cars recently, the vehicle features LEDs for outer-lights.

And what would be an Audi without a little flair?

The car has door-handles that are flush with the body, automatically extending when touched, and an eight-inch, touchscreen monitor in the center console that displays battery levels, Google Maps, and more.

The back of the front seats are also fitted for iPad mounting, in case each of your rear passengers want to watch different streaming videos while connected to a WLAN hotspot.

Aaron Colter, EarthTechling