This house uses mushrooms as insulation

ast spring, we explored the fascinating work of Ecovative Design, an upstate New York company that was expanding from using fungi as the basis for greener-than-plastics shipping materials into the building insulation realm.

That’s right, insulation made from mushrooms.

At the time, the company was “growing” a tiny house using what it calls Mushroom Insulation. Now, not only has that tiny house been completed, but it’s been shown off in New York City – and Ecovative is offering mushroom material that you can use to insulate walls, as well as kits for an acoustically insulated meeting space or a tiny house itself, both of which would take advantage of the sustainable insulating material.

The Mushroom Tiny House (image from Ecovative video)

Check out the video from the company on how they make their products, and how the Mushroom Tiny House become a reality:

For more on Ecovative’s Mushroom Insulation, see our earlier story by Daniel Mathews, in which he discusses the company’s path to the tiny house project. Also, check out a story from Surfer magazine on another recent development from Ecovative. You guessed it: the Mushroom Surfboard.