2014 Honda Civic hybrid boasts improved fuel economy

Honda trails in Toyota’s hybrid wake, but that doesn’t mean it is giving up the ship anytime soon. To this end the automaker is launching today the 2014 Civic Hybrid, with improved fuel economy over previous years, and also a natural gas model Civic that’s on sale come February 15 in some 37 states.

The 2014 Civic Hybrid has an improved EPA fuel rating of 44/47/45 MPG city/highway/combined, up from the 2013 model’s 44/44/44 fuel efficiency. This increase is said to have been obtained through a combination of factors including aerodynamic refinements, upgraded components, such as the fuel pump and ignition coil, tuning changes related to engine sensors and greater regenerative braking efficiency.

image via Honda

For the new model year a “host of new standard features” have been added, including new Display Audio with a 7-inch touchscreen that allows users to pinch, swipe and tap just like a smartphone to access audio, phonebook, media, vehicle information and available navigation features.

The touchscreen display, said Honda, is also the interface for the next-generation HondaLink, an application-based platform that allows “a seamless integration between a user’s smartphone and the car, providing access to online and cloud-based content and information both inside and outside the car.”

In terms of pricing the base Civic Hybrid starts for around $24,600, while the natural gas offering is coming in at around $26,600. Both models are assembled at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana located in Greensburg, Indiana.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling.com