Kawasaki J is a slick electric motorcycle

The Tokyo Motor Show, as we’ve been noticing from various stories of late, was a hotbed this year for electric vehicle ideas. Another one in this vein came from Kawasaki, which used the event to showcase its futuristic J concept personal transportation concept vehicle.

The J concept electric motorcycle, according to Kawasaki, is described as “an imaginative and far-sighted look at the future of urban and suburban personal transport.” It makes use of a battery cell as its power source, and the three wheeled ride reportedly could adapt to the type of travel required.

image via Kawasaki

This adaptation looks to take the form of two different transformable modes that are likely selectable:

  • Comfort Mode would offer a relaxed riding position for city riding with the rider in a conventional, upright riding position and the adjustable track of the twin front wheels set wider for maximum stability.
  • In Sport Mode the track would narrow and the overall riding stance become more sporting and aerodynamic allowing the rider to be “as one” with the vehicle for fun, sport riding.

There’s not a lot more to say about the J concept, as Kawasaki didn’t provide many more details on the electric vehicle, except for the fact steering is done via levers bonded to the front wheels. It doesn’t look like the motorcycle will be heading into production any time soon, so you are left to dream about a distant future riding bikes like this instead of actually being able to get one now.

“While this remains a concept vehicle it is certainly a tempting insight into way that diverse technologies currently under development at Kawasaki Heavy Industries could work in a harmonized and complimentary way,” said Kawasaki Motors Europe Managing Director, Yasushi Kawakami, in a statement.

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling