Zero teases 2014 electric ‘cycle lineup

Zero Motorcycles is a well established company in the electric motorcycles segment, making available models for consumers as well as military and police uses. It recently announced its 2014 line up, which includes word of a new extended driving range accessory as well as a new configuration of one of its motorcycle offerings.

The new Z-Force Power Tank accessory, according to company officials, allows riders of any 2014 Zero S or Zero DS electric motorcycles to travel up to 171 miles in the city or 88 miles on the highway. Basically a 2.8 kWh battery module addition, it replaces the tank bag area of a compatible motorcycle and comes in a range of color choices. It prices at a premium, however, adding $2,495 to the cost of your electric two-wheel ride.

image via Zero Motorcycles

The new Zero SR, meanwhile, is a variant flavor of the motorcycle maker’s S model. It offers riders 56% higher torque and 24% more power to make it capable of hitting 0 to 60 miles per hour in a hair splitting 3.3 seconds. It is available in a new deep red color and prices for around $16,995 starting.

Beyond these two additions to the Zero Motorcycles product family, there have been some other updates as well for 2014. New features across the range

revolve around refining general motorcycle componentry and design. The suspension of every model has been upgraded with more robust 43mm front forks and a completely reworked rear shock. The front forks of each motorcycle are now connected with wider triple clamps that are seamlessly integrated into the bodywork and front headlights. Facing the rider, an entirely new dash with a high contrast and cool- blue backlit LCD screen lists out useful riding information and motorcycle statistics. The display also indicates to the rider whether they are in the “eco,” “sport,” or the new “custom” riding mode. Using new right hand switch gear, riders can toggle between the different performance profiles. They can also set the custom performance profile using the Zero Motorcycles app, which now supports English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

“For 2014 we focused on evolving the features that customers appreciate most while also providing more value. The results include impressive options for increased range and improved performance at more competitive price points than ever before,” said Richard Walker, CEO of Zero Motorcycles, in a statement. “Additionally we are excited to announce five year standard power pack warranties for every new model that cover up to 100,000 miles. As always, we invite consumers to discover the thrill of riding a Zero by contacting an authorized dealer to sign up for a test ride or to place an order. The new lineup arrives in January.”

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling