Stir is an interactive kinetic desk

Most of us are lucky enough to do something other than manual labor for eight hours a day. This is supposed to mean we’re more sophisticated as a society, but all it’s really proven is how quickly an entire nation can get fat from sitting on their behinds all day.

Unfortunately, computer work is accomplished most efficiently at a desk. You can use a standing desk instead, but what about those days when your legs get tired?

The Stir Kinetic Desk is designed to make sure you never have to choose between standing and sitting (permanently) again. Using built-in processor and motorized legs, this unique desk actually changes its height several times during the day. Keeping you on your toes, both mentally and physically.

Image via Stir Inc.

Users can control the Stir Desk via a 4.3-inch color touchscreen control located in the front left corner. The desk’s automated risers can be set to active or passive modes with a button on the front.

“After setting their most comfortable heights for both standing and sitting, users can program the desk to rise for a specific percentage of the time while they’re working,” explains Gizmag. “In active mode, a built-in sensor will detect when a person begins using the desk and will automatically begin a regimen aimed at keeping them active and focused.”

Don’t worry, the desk won’t suddenly shoot into the air when you’re in the middle of the Skype call. It is designed to emit a “whisperbreath,” a small up and down movement, that cues you to stand up or stretch for a minute. If you decide to take the Desk’s advice, you can then use the touch pad to deploy it all the way to a standing position.

Kinetic Desk is able to track how much time you spend standing and calculate the amount of extra calories burned during the day to motivate you. Eventually it can even adjust its “whisperbreaths” to match your pattern. “The desk also has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, allowing it to download software updates and sync with other fitness devices or apps in the future,” notes Gizmag.

“At Stir, we feel that there’s an incredible opportunity to re-imagine the desk as something that is powerful, life-changing and even lovable,” write the designers on their website. “The Stir Kinetic desk is just that. It can help create more moments of inspiration and enthusiasm.”

* Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling