Lexus teases LF-NX hybrid concept

With the Frankfurt Auto Show now under way, the green vehicle debuts, among other offerings, continue to roll along. One of these comes from Toyota luxury brand Lexus, showcasing its new LF-NX advanced crossover concept with a full hybrid powertrain option.

The LF-NX drivetrain, according to Lexus, “combines a 2.5 litre, four-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine with a powerful electric motor to drive. At lower speeds, the LF-NX can operate under electric motor power alone.” It is said to offer outstanding fuel consumption and “class-leading” C02 emissions, though what specifically these are was not mentioned.

Toyota looks to be targeting “a new, more design-oriented generation of discerning Lexus customers” with this design study. Since the launch of the Lexus RX in 1998, the automaker has been a leading brand in the premium crossover segment, but to keep this leadership it must evolve with the changing demographics of its buyers, and that’s where key design ideas such as “more distinctive, angular and sculpted styling” and a new “Brushed Metal Silver” exterior color offer a more urban like feel.

image via Lexus

On the interior the LF-NX sports a driver-focused cockpit “within an ergonomically ideal environment.” The centre console extends through the full length of the cabin, bisecting the rear seats, while a brushed metal finish and leather upholstery offers up those higher end touches Lexus drivers are familiar with.

As for technology, this hybrid, noted Toyota, offers

intuitive interaction with the vehicle’s switchgear, instrumentation and Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology [that] is at the heart of Lexus interior design. And the LF-NX cabin features the ideal, upper display zone and lower operation zone dashboard format perfected over successive Lexus generations.

The upper display zone features an exclusive driver’s instrument meter design.

The lower operation zone allows access to a new generation of touch-sensitive, electrostatic switches and the new Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI). This combines a touch tracer display with a new touch pad design and an adjustable arm rest, for comfort and smooth, intuitive ease of use.

As it stands now there’s no word on whether or not the LF-NX might actually show up in Lexus showrooms, but it offers hints at least that the luxury division of Toyota is keeping in mind its younger drivers as it plans for tomorrow.

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling