Water bottles for the zombie end days

Although it may not exactly play out exactly like the movies, there are plenty who believe a zombie apocalypse is just around the corner. Whether brought on by drought, disease, or biological warfare, we’re just a few weeks away from wandering herds of flesh-eating undead right outside our door. (OK maybe not, but what if?!)

The signs of human-accelerated climate change are all around us, with extreme weather events happening at an alarming frequency. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, flood, or heatwave, it pays to be prepared. While we can survive weeks without food, just three days without water means curtains for us humans. Stay hydrated (and avoid waterborne illness) with these awesome futuristic water bottles.

Images via CamelBak

All Clear by CamelBak

During the zombie apocalypse, there isn’t going to be a lot of time for boiling water, not to mention fuel may become scarce. The CamelBak All Clear bottle turns nearly any tap or clear natural water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds, letting you hydrate on the spot. (Especially ideal for those who head for the hills). Using UV technology to effectively neutralize microbiological contaminants to EPA standards, this bottle will ensure that sipping from a creek won’t get you sick.

Image via Vapur

MicroFilter Bottle by Vapur

Reusable water bottles are nothing new, in fact, we’ve featured dozens right here on EarthTechling. What makes the Vapur MicroFilter bottle combination so different is the size and flexibility. When hiding from the zombie hordes, packing light is essential. Traditional water bottles take up tons of space, but not this flexible container from Vapur. Weighing just a couple of ounces, the bottle can be rolled or crumpled into a tiny package. Inside is a lightweight, chemical-free water purification system that utilizes advanced hollow fiber membrane technology to turn questionable water into a refreshing treat.

Image via OKO

OKO Water Bottle

Pronounced “ooko,” ÖKO means “eco” in Swiss German, which is the country of origin for this advanced filtration water bottle. Using NASA derived filtration technology, the BPA-free OKO water bottle features a carbon-based filter capable of filtering to a 2 micron pore size. “The material utilizes a positively charged electro-adsorption (attraction and retention) process to draw and trap harmful agents much smaller than its pore size,” explains the company website. “Using built-in silver ions, the material then kills bacteria upon contact. ÖKO level-2 filter lab tests reflect removal of 99.94% of e-coli, 99.997% of cryptosporidium and 99.9999% of giardia lamblia, the most commonly found bacteria in water sources.” I’d say that’s pretty appropriate for the zombie apocalypse.

Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling