Transforming your old smartphone into a security system

Do you have old phones collecting dust somewhere in your house? Be honest. I certainly do, shoved into my desk and tucked into dresser drawers.

Sure, e-waste recycling is easier than ever, and depending on the age of the phone, you might even get some money for it. But still they sit.

What if there were a way to use those old smartphones to manage your smart home? Presence Pro is an app now gathering funding on IndieGoGo. The app allows users to recycle old smart devices to be used as a remote camera, reducing e-waste and increasing energy savings and home security in one simple piece of software.

Image via People Power

The Presence App already exists for iOS. Simply download Presence to your oldiPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Connect it over WiFi and plug in power. The current version uses your old mobile device to sends short motion detection clips directly to your current smartphone when something happens, and gives you face-to-face audio and video so you can talk back to your pets or house-sitters while you’re away.

Now, People Power, the company that created the app, wants to take the technology a step further. Presence 2.0 (free) and Presence Pro (subscription) would allow users to record longer, more frequent, and higher quality video clips when motion, audio, or touch is detected back. It will also back up all videos in the cloud and protect it with bank-level security. Presence Pro will also include web browser support so you can view multiple cameras simultaneously from a laptop.

If successfully funded, the next gen Presence App would expand to support the Android operating system as well as offering new functionality that would give users the ability turn their current smartphone into a remote thermostat and control for appliances attached to smart plugs.

Become an early adopter by contributing to the Presence Pro crowdfunding campaign!

* Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling