How to make "dumb" homes smart

Accurate information about what’s going on at home – both outside and in – is key when seeking energy savings.

The way a home performs, and how comfortable or safe we are when inside it, depends a lot on the external environment. Unfortunately, we aren’t always there to keep an eye on things.

Wimoto Technologies is an Ontario-based company using tiny, durable sensors and your smartphone to lend a hand. Wimotos talk directly to your Bluetooth SMART enabled devices, and can be used to monitor everything from soil moisture to bedroom temperatures, whether you’re home or not.

Image via Wimoto Technologies

Wimotos are compact, wireless sensors built to withstand anything while monitoring just as much. According to the designers, they can run for up to a year on a single battery, are weatherproof, and can be stuck just about anywhere you need access to temperature, humidity, light level, or plant growing information.

For those who garden, the Wimoto Grow can deliver an alert when garden or container soil is in need of a watering. It can also issue a warning when frost is about to strike. The Wimoto Thermo uses “infrared emissivity” to measure the temperature of an object just by being pointed at it. This makes the Thermo perfect for hot tubs, wimming pool or aquariums, food, “or anything else you might not want to stick a traditional temperature probe into for reasons of hygiene, comfort or practicality.”

And for those trying to decide on a security system, the Wimoto Sentry uses a passive infrared motoion sensor that detects human movement up to around 16 feet away. It also has an onboard acceleromter, so it can detect if it’s moved. “Use it to notify you if someone is approaching your front door, if your toddler has climbed out of his bed again in the middle of the night, or that the mail is delivered” suggest the creators.

Wimitos recently concluded a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, collecting over $115,000 although the original goal was a mere $22,000. Check out for updates on when they’ll be available for purchase.

Beth Buczynski, EarthTechling