Bluebird DC50 is one slick electric car

Bluebird Electric out of the United Kingdom aims to “capture the world land speed record for electric vehicles.”

The man behind it, Don Wales, heralds from a line of drivers known for record setting attempts such as this. In the fold of developing cars which allow him to accomplish this, just announced plans showcase two vehicles – one for consumer and one for racing – which will help “commemorate the 50th anniversary in 2014 of Donald Campbell’s land and water speed records.”

The more interesting of the two for EarthTechling readers will be the Bluebird DC50 electric sports car. This high end machine will debut at the Sustainable MotoExpo in England at the end of September. Only 50 will be built, and it will be available in one color only which is – you guessed it – Bluebird blue.

image via Bluebird Electric

Though there isn’t a lot in specifications on the two-door DC50 coupe right now, what is known is that its electric drivetrain will offer up peak power of up to 360bhp and “acceleration to match a Porsche.” It will boast electrically operated “scissor” doors and, depending on specification, have a range of up to 200 miles.

As for pricing and availability, you’ll have to wait until the MotoExpo for more details.

The other unveiling for the more racing oriented crowd is the all-electric Bluebird GTL. There’s even less details on it at this point, with Bluebird simply noting that the “car has been designed to the latest technical regulations for the forthcoming FIA Formula E series and is Bluebird’s ‘vision’ for the all-electric global race series due to start in 2014.”

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling