Yes, this really is a flying electric bicycle

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you owned a flying electric bicycle? Well, maybe you haven’t, but some inventors out of the United Kingdom have, and are currently seeking crowd funding through Kickstarter to help kickstart their dream of one day unveiling Paravelo to the public.

Paravelo, according to XploreAir, is said to be the world’s first flying bicycle, capable of altitudes up to 4,000 feet. It is a combination of a para wing and conventional bicycle. As you can see from the image below, at the heart of this bike’s design is a towed lightweight trailer carrying a powerful fan.

image via XploreAir

In order to fly one connects the bike and trailer, unfurls a flexible wing and fires up an electric starer motor, which in turn gets the biofuel-powered fan going. The theory on take off is simple – find some open space, rev this sucker up to its 15 MPH speed and up you go into the skies, hitting a top air speed of 25 MPH.

This ultra-light aircraft, which can fly for up to three hours, includes an optional tent to camp with after you land somewhere in the outback. When not in use, the entire flying bike and tent reportedly packs down easy to store inside one’s home or office.

XploreAir says it has spent two years developing an advanced prototype that’s been tested on both the ground and in the air. It is seeking funding from individuals to help finalize the design. Those that also ultimately choose to buy one will be getting for themselves a vehicle who’s cost and running expenses “are comparable with a small family car.”

One other possible avenue the start up sees the Paravelo being used for is in applications such as “a highly autonomous and cost-effective aerial reconnaissance vehicle for forest rangers and border patrols.”

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling