All-electric Elektro E6 aircraft seats 6

Besides EADS, another company working in the development space for more sustainable aircraft is PC-Aero. Best known for the Elektra One all-electric aircraft, they have now set their sights on an even more ambitious undertaking: a two-engine, six seat all electric aircraft with solar panels called the Elektro E6.

PC-Aero, working with EADCO, first made mention of the Elektro E6 back in April when the two companies inked an agreement to develop the cutting edge green aircraft as a technology platform for “a future, all electric, transport aircraft” that had low C02 emission, noise and vibration. The goal was to build a proof of concept within three years and gain actual certification of the plane with in a decade.

Elektro E6 (image via EADCO)

The two more recently talked about their plans at the Paris Air Show, during which they described the Elektro E6, in the final certified version, as having all of the “systems of a normal commercial aircraft including retractable landing gear, anti-ice system, cabin pressure and air conditioning.” Being as it is an electric plane, however, it would also have the previously mentioned greener technology as well as a full carbon composite structure, 1058 pound payload and a maximum flying range of around 310 miles.

Gizmag, which caught up with folks from EADCO at the air show, reported on one thing which may hamper this plane’s development initially: battery weight. To achieve such a high range, it would need much of its payload capacity used up in on-board batteries. It is hoped though that as battery technology continues to improve over the next decade this will become less of an issue as they get both smaller and capable of offering more energy storage ability.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling