Toyota teases Camatte57s electric concept car

Toyota is mostly focused upon hybrids as its green car strategy globally, especially given the strong success of the Prius.

It does tinker in electric cars though, and this includes vehicles for children apparently. 

Enter the Camatte57s concept, unveiled at the recent International Tokyo Toy Show and envisioned as a way to “bringing parents and children closer together as they work in collaboration on building their ideal car.”

Camatte57s (image via Toyota)

The Camatte57s, according to Toyota, is designed to “convey the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to current and future drivers, by providing an opportunity for parents and children to together experience the fun of driving, car customization and car enthusiasm.” It consists of 57 detachable body panels that are lightweight and small. These panels would apparently be available with extensive color and design choices to allow families to build little cars which match their eye for creativity.

Camatte57s parts (image via Toyota)

The Toyota concept offers up an “open-top roadster styling with [a] compact and intimate interior” and seats that are “in a closely arranged triangular configuration with one front seat and two rear seats to emphasize family intimacy and facilitate communication.” It is propelled forward by an electric motor of unspecified performance, which is probably not relevant anyhow since your child would be the one behind the wheel. Speaking of which,

acceleration and braking pedals and seats can be adjusted to enable operation by children, while an adult seated in the rear-right seat assists steering and braking to help develop the child’s driving skills.

Toyota has not announced any plans to ever actually bring the Camatte57s to production or what it might cost if it was built.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling