Mia is a mini electric vehicle

A rather cute little electric vehicle is set to be imported into the United Kingdom from France this summer for fleet use. The Mia three-seater from Mia Electric will price for around £16,995 + VAT starting, including the UK government’s plug-in car grant.

A bespoke electric vehicle, the Mia is designed for city use and offers a central driving position, sliding doors, a cut-out floor and roof and ABS body panels. It is powered by two Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, generating 12 kW and providing it a range said to be around 74 miles.

Mia (image via Mia Electric)

The batteries can be recharged fully in five hours, according to Mia, and a 10 minute charge will let the vehicle go up to five miles. All vehicles are produced in France, at the former Heuliez factory in Cerizay, and its launch in the UK market coincides

with revisions to the London Congestion Charge in July, which will see only vehicles emitting 75 g/km CO2 exempt from the charge – something only attainable currently by plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

The company said it plans to offer its vehicle with a five year/ 70,000-mile warranty for vehicle, battery, electric drivetrain and anti-corrosion and roadside assistance.

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling