Hovertrax is an auto-balancing, electric vehicle with gyro technology

There are those times when walking a long distance can be overrated. Public transportation options exist, and you can always take your personal vehicle, but what about if you want to try and get to your destination in a more unique way?

That’s the premise of the Hovertrax, an auto-balancing, electric vehicle with gyro technology which is currently making quite a stir over at crowd funding site Kickstarter.

The Hovertrax, which already has met its funding goal through the Kickstarter community, comes from the mind of Inventist owner Shan Chen. Chen is also known for a wide range of other crafty transportation creations, including the self-balancing electric unicycle better known as the Solowheel. This latest gizmo from him builds upon this, taking the form of a small, two wheeled mobility platform which has a maximum range of just around four miles and a top speed of six miles per hour.

Hovertrax (image via Inventist)

While the travel distance won’t get you too far, what’s unique about this electric vehicle is how the rider interacts with it. One shifts their body weight to control the speed and direction. Examples of what you can do as you lean your feet include going forward, backwards, left, right, clockwise and counterclockwise. Each side of the vehicle’s two halves tilt independently of one another, and each wheel hosts its own motor.

Built to be tough and weighing around only nine pounds, the Hovertrax is designed by Chen to reportedly be very portable and something which can be stored in a bag like a backpack. Charging time for the battery powering this device is said to be around an hour in a standard wall outlet, and regenerative braking can help extend somewhat the travel range.

Slated to be available next January now that the Kickstarter funding is met, it looks as if the Hovertrax will retail for $995.

 Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling