These glass windows are power-generators

The technology needed to turn windows, any type of glass window, into transparent power planets is almost ready for commercial production.

New Energy Technologies, Inc. developer of spray-on solar cells recently announced that its researchers have successfully achieved faster fabrication time, improved transparency, and a two-fold increase in power conversion efficiency.

The new breakthrough means the technology has progressed into advanced development, and large-scale fabrication of mini-module SolarWindow devices may not be that far behind.

Image via New Energy Technologies Inc.

Turning see-through windows into full-time solar panels is no easy feat. NET’s method allows researchers to spray ultra-small, see-through solar cells on to glass surfaces.

The recent progress has boosted power conversion efficiency of each individual cell by two-fold compared to previous fabrication methods, leading to overall power output improvement of SolarWindow; Reduced fabrication time from several days down to only a few hours, or 1/6th of the time normally required; and Improved the transparency or ‘visual light transmission’ of SolarWindow modules, creating a widow ‘tint’ effect.

More specifically, the team at NET has become more adept at creating clean layers of spray-on solar technology, among other functions, the various layers allow the glass to absorb the sun’s energy, generate electricity, and direct the electricity for collection and use.

“This latest breakthrough is an exciting testament to our ongoing efforts as we continuously work to improve the quality and performance of our SolarWindow mini-modules,” explained Mr. John A. Conklin, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc. “Moving forward, we remain devoutly focused on producing large surface area prototypes which are compatible with high-speed production methods, important to commercialization of SolarWindow.

To do so would turn every new high-rise and residential home into a solar power plant, without the installation or maintenance of roof-top panels, so we wish them nothing but success!