Twin’Z is Renault’s new EV

Renault, in planning what kind of future urban cars it might unveil in key markets, recently showcased the Twin’Z as its fifth iteration of its new design strategy.

Described as a “fun, modern, artistic take” on the citycar, this electric four-seater draws its inspiration from the automaker’s Renault 5 and Twingo models.

The Twin’Z is described as being the “play” petal of Renault Design’s “life cycle flower.” This flower focused on the notion of the human life cycle, according to Renault, which has already examined the ideas of love, exploration, family and work as expressed through automotive design. Uh-huh.

image via Renault

So, in more practical terms, what does this electric vehicle offer to would-be drivers? For starters, it sports rear wheel drive and a rear-mounted electric motor rated at 50 kW. This motor is powered by four lithium-ion battery packs spaced evenly beneath the car’s floor. All total, operating specifications of the Twin’Z play out to a top speed of 80 MPH and a range of around 100 miles. This should be more than enough for the daily urban driver’s needs.

Renault, in developing this flashy design idea, turned to designer Ross Lovegrove to create a vehicle said to draw its inspiration from the world of nature. This is described as being something like this

The rear-hinged rear coach doors and the ensuing absence of a B-pillar reveal a panoramic view of the cabin, creating a sense of purity and lightness. The purity of the interior’s lines is picked out by a voluptuous path of light. These milled bi-colour lines circulate round the entire cabin to describe a flow of energy, lighting up the interior with a luminescent green that maps its topographical forms.

The 4 lightweight seats have been rendered as small as possible. Their green frames appear to grow naturally from the floor and have been upholstered in a 3D woven textile. The seat frame is visible behind the weave to create an almost aerial feel.

In a rather striking addition to these design cues, the wheels feature a glowing green finish. There’s also a lot of technology on board the Twin’Z, including conventional door mirrors that have been replaced by an integrated video camera, a sequence of LEDs that extend from the grille to the rear bumper via the roof, a touchscreen tablet mounted on a centrally-positioned post that controls many of the car’s controls and a smartphone located in the driver’s line of sight that displays the vehicle’s speed, range-related information and the principal warning lights.

* Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling