Lexus designs a tricked-out hybrid ride for Santa

Lexus has developed a tricked-out hybrid ride concept for Santa just in time for Christmas, letting him cruise the world in a more carbon friendly style.

Not that flying reindeers put off a lot of carbon mind you, but Santa’s sleigh isn’t likely even somewhat remotely comfortable as what Toyota’s luxury brand is proposing in its hypothetical ‘Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser,’ or LFLC for short.

It’s not the first green Santa ride we’ve seen though – as GE proposed its own eco tech sleigh a few years back.

Now for those familiar with the road Lexus has been traveling of late with hybrid concept ideas, they seem to ultimately point to its upcoming IS sedan that likely will offer a hybrid drivetrain option as part of a model refresh.

It ties in particularly to the LF-LC concept, which was first showcased at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, before heading down under to surface as LF-LC Blue. Note the LF-LC designation as being the same as Santa’s self-propelled luxury sled seen above.

The Santa inspired LFLC Lexus features the brand’s hybrid drive technology, offering the jolly fat man 800 “reindeerpower” while creating what is said to be “fewer emissions than even a single reindeer.” It would also come with an electric vehicle only mode so that Santa could “stealthily land on every rooftop.”

Besides the hybrid focus, Santa’s Lexus green car ride offers up a number of other tech bells and whistles for consideration.

There’s a blind spot monitor with rear cross traffic alert for items like errant chimneys, a pre-collision system in case jets are near by, a navigation system to help Santa more easily navigate to his destinations, a music system that streams the bearded guy’s Internet tunes to him and a red LED/infrared light “with stereo cameras for the front of his sleigh so he can see on a foggy night without Rudolph.”

Though why would he possibly fly without Rudolph?

Nino Marchetti, EarthTechling